The cultural centre Anton Panov – Strumica, organize, a consolidated and manage the hole cultural life in the town.

The centre is the medium of hole cultural fulfillments in the town and the vicinity (Representations, expositions, concerts, promotions of  books, literature – musical meeting, presentations).

The basic object and activity of the Centre is to educated people, especially young populations, animated their cultural creativity, keeping and nursing of the tradition cultural inheritance and creation and the building of one cultural sensibility and education public.

NUCK Anton Panov Strumica are presented you a new web site

At the beginning of month March, will be admit a new web site of NUCK Anton panov Strumica. For the same will be maintain a presentation. The date for the presentation will be publish latter. Yo...

15 April, premiere of Tibursio and Sinforosa

Tonight, 15 April with beginning at 20 o’clock, in NUCK “Anton Panov” in Strumica will be executed the premiere of rehearsing “Tibursio and Sinforosa: from Kole casule, in prod...